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McAfee Medical Tourism

McAfee Medical Tourism


McAfee Medical Tourism

World-renowned orthopaedic spine surgeon, Paul McAfee, MD, MBA and his staff assist patients who desire to participate in Medical Tourism, which is the travel to overseas locations for medical care and/or surgery. The advantages are many:

  • tremendous savings in the global cost of the surgery
  • the ability to enjoy the most innovative procedures which might not be available within the United States
  • appealing destinations for recovery

The disadvantages are that it is difficult to sort out the charlatans from those overseas hospitals that are reputable.  McAfee Medical Tourism coordinates and locates those overseas physicians and surgeons who

  • are impeccably trained
  • are members of the best international medical societies
  • have the best governmental support systems utilizing "Evidenced Based Medicine". 

» Read more about Evidenced Based Medicine...

Dr McAfee and his staff have personally accompanied patients to more than thirty countries around the world and performed procedures, some of which are listed below.  Dr McAfee has trained more than 50 world-respected surgeons.  From Brazil to Japan, China to Australia and Europe, Dr. McAfee collaborates closely with colleagues he has mentored and trained. 

» We follow AMA Guidelines for Medical Tourism.

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